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Subtwo started into life in the year 2002. Musicloving specialists lend Subtwo the dynamics in order to find exceptional solutions for each acoustical problem. We work out individual and highdynamic soundconcepts for cars and oldtimer, for home, music-pubs and clubs.

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Our entry was the development and transposition of bass in cars. The extraordinary Invisible Bass Case was born. Logical consequence was the searching for the best subwoofer for car audio. We found it in the Morel Ultimo and created our reference IBC System Black.


The work with highmusically fullrangespeaker released the way to move our ideas into home audio. The result Subtwo the pure give us great listen-enjoyment. Our individual concepts Subtwo white line for music-pubs and clubs finally offer musically pleasure at lower and higher volumes, beside the diverse optical possibilities.


What the future still brings sees once.

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