Subtwo the pure


We present the result of our opinion of music-performance, soundobjects with absolutely stirring qualities.

Subtwo the pure are concept-loudspeaker with outstanding qualities.

Innovative and unconventional solutions possesses an absolutely alive feeling.


Subtwo the pure - dynamically and intensive


The processor-controlled active-loudspeaker with separate transconductance-amplifier of the innovative german

ABACUS specialists have integrated an exceptional DSP-Prozessor with protruding qualities.

The electronics absolutely perfectly supports the active concept with fullrangesystem and double-subwoofer.

Exceptional and highmusically fullrange-systems conjure in ideal manner as point-source-speaker

an absolutely realistic and alive stage into the livingroom. Two special Subwoofer each side are able to work up to 16 Hz.

The specially in Subtwo the pure working active-modules control all loudspeakers

in all situations extremely. The enormously dynamic and realistic presentation of the musical events

by Subtwo the pure gives the ambitious listener the possibility to be live with it in the own livingroom.


Features ...

A highdynamic fullrange-system in open wall

Two very fast subwoofer each box

Newest DSP-technology

Microprozessor controlled with separate transconductance-amplifier

Nominal power RMS 120 W

Frequency-response from 16 to 20.000 Hz

Automatic switching on

Symmetrical input over XLR

Symmetrical input over 6,3 mm jack plug

Line input over Cinch




Volume adjustable

Bass roll-off adjustable 16 to 200 Hz

Measurements 400 x 1480 mm (pedestal-diameters x height)

Highpolish mother-of-pearl white / black

Weight 40 kg each box


Mold and color manages an infinite field of creative possibilities ...

Noble varnishings or individual paintings, loudspeaker-fronts out of noble woods, pedestals out of slate or marble,

the harmonic correspondence of the elements is important. Each idea is it worth to be moved.


Subtwo the pure - dynamically and intensive


Very special thanks for the fantastic cooperation and support

by Karl-Heinz and Hanno Sonder from ABACUS electronics (Germany).


Music connects our world
Subtwo - Klang in Form


(C) 2014 Subtwo - Klang in Form