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Federal Republic of Germany
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Responsible chamber of Crafts

Chamber of Crafts Osnabrück-Emsland
Bramscher Straße 134-136, D-49088 Osnabrück, Germany
Chamber of Crafts Business-number 15458 (Carpentry Günter Josch)


Carpentermaster (lent in the Federal Republic of Germany)

Legal regulations of occupation

Craft-order HwO-Germany (Federal-law-leaf I, page 3074 in the setting from 24.09.1998)


Subtwo is written down as protected brand. German office for patents and brands (Sign 30 2014 040 040)

Packaging Ordinance

Subtwo - Klang in Form is licensed in the German Dual System to the waste disposal of package-materials. This is applied to all shipping- and sale-packages used by us. The license (No. 1306620) took place over our partner Zentek GmbH & Co.KG. With questions to the waste disposal, you please turn to the Zentek GmbH & Co.KG., Ettore-Bugatti-Str. 6-14, D-51149 Cologne (Germany), Phone 0049.2203.89870, www.zentek.de

Liability for contents

The contents on our Internet presence were carefully made. We don't take on any liability for topicality, correctness and completeness of the contents, however. As service providers we are responsible to § 7 Abs. 1 TMG for the contents of our sides according to the general laws in accordance with § 7. According to § § 8 to 10 TMG we are however not obligedly, transmitted or stored strange information as service providers supervise or search after circumstances which point to an illegality. Obligations to the distance or inhibition of the use of information according to the general laws remain untouched of this. A liability regarding this is, however, possible only as of information of a concrete on the right injury. At acquaintance development of corresponding on the right injuries we will immediately remove such contents.

Liability for links

With Judgment of May 1998 - 312 OS 85/98 - " liability for links " the country-court (LG) Hamburg has adjudicated that one has the responsibility of the contents of the linking side by the attachment of a link. This can only prevented - according to the LG - that one itself outdistances expressly from these contents. (The judgment is to be looked up under www.online-recht.de). Despite regular as regards content control we adopt no liability for the contents more external links. For the content of the linked sides, their operators are responsible. "I dissociate myself from all contents of all linking sides on my homepage expressly. This explanation is applied to all appropriate links on my homepage". (Günter Josch, Subtwo - Klang in Form)


All contents (texts and charts) of this Website neither allowed to copy without authorization of the company Subtwo (own. Günter Josch), uses still in other manner becomes.

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