Individual basscases and highmusically components for Car and Home Audio


You love your music absolutely alive and emotionally ?

You want your dreamloudspeaker with your very own design ?

You have an idea which should be realized highgrade ?

Ask us.


Every lovingly handmade loudspeakercase is an individual unique object. Your acoustic and formative wishes are moved easily and unpragmatic. Soundobjects with very impressive qualities.



Individual basscases for Car and Home Audio


Subtwo develops and manufactures solutions for Home and Car Audio outside the mainstream

IBC Invisible Bass Case - the clear and powerful bass without losing space in the car

Wheelhollow cases Spezial - for audiophile Car Audio projects

Wheelhollow cases Pro - for special Car Audio projects

Wheelhollow cases - for demanding Car Audio projects

Special cases - for alternative soundconcepts

Direct cases - the more direct bass in the car

Subtwo the pure - active conceptloudspeaker with DSP, fullrangesystem and doublebass for Home Audio


Highly musical loudspeakers and amplifiers guarantee an absolutely music pleasure

Audio Wave - maybe the best amplifiers handmade in England

Morel - excellent speaker components and innovative subwoofer of the absolute extra class

Sinfoni - audiophile amplifiers from Italy

Visaton - excellent speaker components for Home Audio



Highmusically components for Car and Home Audio



We have to consider music as an intensive enrichment of our life.

Perhaps you find pleasure in our ideas.



Music connects our world
Subtwo - Klang in Form


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